Making Beautiful Music

We love music in our home. On Saturday mornings we crank the jams and party down! My husband is a fabulous musician, and I am but a lowly lover-of-music who pretends she has killer pipes. So, naturally music is something we expose our little one to and encourage him to fully experience.

Here are some ways we celebrate music with a young toddler:

  • Provide homemade instruments, child-friendly instruments, and monitored times to engage with real “grown-up” instruments (ukulele, guitars, piano, etc.)


  • Model playing instruments and playing various rhythms, always letting him join in and try it out
  • Give him pots and pans to bang on, complete with authentic drumsticks! We also teach him the many things it is okay to drum on, and the few that aren’t (papa’s knees, the cats, ya know…)
  • We are old-school, so we also give him records and CDs that he can play with and exploredsc01700
  • Take him to see family-friendly live music around town (we are lucky to have many opportunities to do this in Missoula, MT- at the Farmer’s Market, festivals, etc.)
  • We sing, dance, and make music together almost daily, even if only for a few minutes here and there
  • We read books that are written to song or have elements of rhythm in them (Itsy Bitsy Spider, or Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb for example)
  • I purchased an old beat up adult sized guitar at a garage sale that the little man can drag around the house and use to play his many concerts (which always end the same  way, with him clapping for himself)
  • We encourage movement during music by providing him with homemade ribbon sticks/rings or silky scarves
  • We model love of music from classical, to folk, to R&B with varying dance moves to suit 🙂
  • We teach him children’s songs (his current favorites are Wheels on the Bus, Twinkle, Twinkle, and the 6 Little Ducks) and take him to our library’s Tiny Tales where he can sing songs with other little ones and families to see that music is a slice of life
  • We even jam out to Raffi on YouTube when we are hankering for some live music, but can’t get out!

How do you provide musical opportunities for your littles? I would love to hear how this looks in other homes!


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