simple celebrations

This time of year always makes me pause and reflect. It is a time for me to take stock of all the beauty in my life. I think it has something to do with all the snuggling against the cold, the twinkle lights, and the soft falling snow. It brings back warm and nostalgic memories.

Celebrating holidays and birthdays are favorites for me. I love decorating, doing thoughtful little things for people to remind them of how special they are to me, and simply making joyous memories.

When our little man came along we had many decisions to make…big and little. One of those was how we would like to celebrate holidays and other special days. I knew I wanted to shower my little one with whatever would make his day most special.

His first birthday was really the first celebration we put a lot of thought and time into. I knew I didn’t want to have a huge party, sugary cake, and a mountain of presents. We are but humble introverts in this house. But I still wanted it to be special. We decided on a few splurges for wooden toys we had been wanting for a while and a DIY activity board as gifts. I attempted a healthy smash cake and handmade a felt birthday crown. We put up streamers that flowed to the floor for him to play in. We both took the day off of work. We spent the entire day giving him our undivided attention and showering him with love. We went to one of his favorite parks and spent time in joyous play all day. It was simple. It was magical.

I think back on that day and want to recreate that same magic for each of our favorite family celebrations. We celebrate Christmas in our home, and we began drawing him into the delights of the season with a Christmas Discovery Basket, twinkle lights up in his play tent, and planning special memorable family times. We bundled up and wandered to the forest to find a tree. We spent time swimming at the local indoor pool. I have put together new activities and art experiences to enjoy when it is blustery outside.

I would also like to spend some time collecting items from nature that signify this time of season to explore, use for art experiences, and just enjoy the look and feel of.

I am excited to see our little one open the few carefully chosen and crafted gifts this year. To share some of our favorite holiday foods. To venture out in the snow more together. To try some new adventures. To cherish our warm and cozy home. To spend very intentional, meaningful time together in play, discovery, and laughter.

To you and yours! I hope you enjoy whatever holidays you celebrate and make your own beautiful memories!





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