making beautiful moments in the moment

Do you run around like a crazy act of nature throughout the week? Are there more things to be done than time to do them? If you are a mama, I am sure you have felt this way at some point. I know I have often.

In days or weeks like this it is easier to plop your little one in front of a screen or send them somewhere else to play and hope they keep themselves out of trouble. These seem like necessary options sometimes, but wouldn’t you rather make some meaningful connections with your little one amongst the busyness?

Well, then, I challenge you to find a way to incorporate them into what you are doing!

Cleaning up? Provide them with a rag or small broom and dust pan to help you…and while you are at it…sing a cheerful clean-up song as you go! Have them help you load or unload the dishwasher, put away pots, or throw away trash! Our little guy will also push his little wooden roller all around the us house following us as we vacuum…mimicking every move we make!

I have been inspired to set up a child-cleaning station in our kitchen so that these tools are always within reach for our little guy! It is nothing pretty, but is very functional and our little guy uses these tools all the time now that they are in eye shot.


Working outside? Show them what you are doing and model how to use yard tools! Provide them with a few moments to try it out! Our little one loves to sweep, rake, and work in the dirt right along with us!


Doing laundry? Have them help you load the washer or dryer! We use our Learning Tower for this. Show them how to fold simple things like washcloths. Show them where their clothes go and have them help you put them away!

Cooking or baking? Have them help you mix, measure, dump, or chop with a crinkle cut knife! I have even set my little guy up with some flour in a bowl with a whisk and let him keep mixing even when we were done with that step and it was a blast for him! Again, his Learning Tower is super helpful for this!


Not only are you grabbing some meaningful moments, but you are also including your child in “grown-up” work, teaching them valuable skills, and showing them you honor their attempts! It is true that the tasks may take longer and get messier when you invite a little one along, but the benefits far outweigh the inconveniences!

What other tasks do your little ones enjoy helping you with at home or on the go?



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