Updated Art Spaces for a New Year

A new year is upon us…hoorah! A new year means new spaces, right? I will look for any reason to move furniture and reignite our love for art 🙂

So the inspiration to mix things up came initially when we received a few new art supplies as gifts during the holidays. We received some new stickers, Crayola Twistables, neon paints, new paintbrushes, and some branch-style colored pencils.

I have also been wanting to update the art space in the kitchen because it was slowly being outgrown. It started as a great place for a young toddler to kneel or stand and do art, but now we have a space were he can be seated comfortably in a child-sized chair. The table is also a great place for munching on snacks and engaging with play dough as well! As you can see, we have been having fun with our new branch colored pencils in this space.

Here is the transformation with a few simple changes:


After: Kitchen Art Space


In our playroom we were in need of a good spot for our slightly cumbersome easel. The easel had lived in our back porch during warmer months, which was lovely, but still hadn’t found a permanent home indoors yet. Now, I may still decide to protect the floor a bit more with some sort of splat mat, but for now it is a convenient space.

I framed one of my little guy’s first pieces of easel art, moved his art shelf downstairs (and stocked it with collage supplies, index cards, large paper, and our new Crayola Twistables). We also added some fun new neon paints to our easel area and a jar for putting wet paint brushes in when done. I am trying to make the spaces into places that the munchkin can use more and more independently, so we practiced putting lids back on paints and putting brushes in the jar.

Before: Playroom Art Space
After: Playroom Art Space

These were some simple shifts, but were all that was needed to rejuvenate our love of creating art together in our home. We have painted, drawn, played with play dough all as soon as the little man noticed the changes to his spaces. We really had fun with our play dough when he found a marble amongst his play dough tools and invented a game of hiding the marble in his play dough and then ripped it to shreds to uncover the marble. Ah, the delights of little ones 🙂



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