independent art shelves

I must admit, our current plunge back into winter has put a damper on my creative energy. I am ready to be out in the sunshine, not slogging around in soggy snow…yuck. Oh well, being a mama and keeping a creative vibe going in our home can’t be wrapped around my need for sunshine. So, I am here to share with you my first attempts at creating space on our art shelves for our little guy to have more free and independent access to art supplies.

Now, I have had art shelves set up since I first gave my baby a chunky crayon, but they mostly served the purpose of organizing art materials and having them nearby for when the creative mood struck.

As my little guy gets older and engages in more complex art experiences, I wanted to not only have his paper and various drawing implements on hand (which are always out at his table), but some other varied/multi-media supplies as well. The hope is that he can have more choice, more independence, and more opportunity for exploration and inspiration!

Here are the pictures from the first two rotations I have set up:



Besides the top shelf, which has different art experiences and all the materials you need for each, I also added bins for play dough and tools, and stamps and stamps pads, as well as our current favorite sensory bins, our paint, and some other kid-friendly supplies.

So far, he is more drawn to what he can see out in the open, so as soon as he saw that I changed out his top shelf, he went to town stamping and collaging!

My hope is to change out the top self every week or two, depending on use, as well as continuing to strew art supplies on his table as well (you might notice the black paper and chalk). It is so fun to see new art materials catch his eye and see him get drawn in!

As I change out the shelves more and come upon inspiration for other art experiences my guy can engage in independently (or almost independently), I will update you all. If you have any fabulous arty ideas for his art shelves, I would love to hear them, too!

Here’s to creativity even in the midst of disgusting weather! 🙂





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