simple celebrations: year 2

Spring has sprung! And with the dawn of spring comes my favorite celebration of the year. My sweet little boy’s birthday. This is a momentous day. A celebration of when our lives drastically changed…forever. This love, this duty, this crazy biological connection has altered who my husband and I are. The celebration of that shift is full of joy, but our memories will never wash away the pain and difficulty of that day either. Bearing a child is not all kitties and rainbows and unicorns…

Still this day, as I said, is full of joy. We fall in love with our boy more and more each day. So naturally, we want to shower him with that love on his special day. Now, I am not one for parties. We are a house full of introverts. We love people, but feel most at ease and carefree in our little group of three. It is hard to make the decision not to throw your kiddo a fabulous party when you see other mamas do it and make it look so fantastic. But I have felt in my heart that we will all slow down, reflect, remember, and celebrate more joyfully without the added pressure of other people being involved (but that is just us…if you love parties…then party away!).

Thus, we have committed to taking the day off from work (this year we had spring break, so it was perfect), and making an effort to think in our boy’s terms. What would he most like to do? Eat? Get? We like to keep things simple and meaningful, and yet definitely on the frugal side.

Our little guy’s 2nd birthday took on this form:

  1. Lazy wakeup and breakfast (punctuated by discovering his “interactive” decorations and balloon bouquet)
  2. Opening presentsIMG_1681
  3. Bike ride to a favorite park and a few carousel rides (plus a super special carousel souvenir!)
  4. Lunch at his favorite restaurant
  5. Bike home for a nap
  6. Fishing and a picnic in the fading golden sun….ahhhhhIMG_1792
  7. Then back home for a cupcake, blowing out candles, and donning a DIY birthday crownIMG_1753

I know that a large part of how we choose to celebrate reflects what is most important to us. For me especially, quality time and meaningful gifts are key. This is not how every family functions or should function. Do what brings light and happiness to your kiddo’s face!

A note about gifts:

My goal is to make one big handmade gift each year and then also shower him with a few small, simple, but long-lasting gifts. Gifts are important to me. A thoughtful gift has always touched my heart and made me feel so special. Naturally, I want to love my babe this way, too.

This year I have been laboring over a play kitchen for months in order to finish it on time. Yeeeesh. It look a while and is no “pinterest-worthy” candidate…especially if you look close enough, but IT IS DONE! Woohoo 🙂 Our little guy also got two small new toys (one wooden learning toy, and a helicopter made from recycled plastic), as well as a few thrift store treasures and books.

All in all, it was a beautiful day, capped by a happy and tired kiddo, and then some mama and papa time spent looking back through the photos and videos of our sweet boy’s first two years. Reflecting on the ups and downs and total beauty of parenthood. My kind of bliss.


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